Toobin: Madoff’s Curveball

Jeff Toobin, CNN Legal Analyst and a writer for The New Yorker, wrote an extensive 10,000 word piece discussing Fred Wilpons “Rags to Riches” story.

One that went from Wilpon growing up sharing a bedroom with his sister, to owning a New York Sports franchise. Yet, an article that was orignally supposed to give Fred Wilpon some positive media, as he was VERY unhappy with coverage thus far of the Madoff situation was outshadowed by Wilpons comments about Mets players David Wright, whom he said was not a superstar; Jose Reyes, whom he believed did not deserve Carl Crawford money; Carlos Beltran, who was just 65% of his old self; and Mike Pelfrey, who needs to throw the damn ball already!

Read Jeff Toobins column in this months New Yorker here and make sure you check back tomorrow as I will be talking to Jeff about this column!


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