MailBox: Fredette or Singleton?

John, Rye: If the Knicks had their choice between Chris Singleton or Jimmer who should they take?

NYSC: Great question John! I am still torn myself, and I think it would be a deadline decision if it ever played out, but I dont see it happening. I dont see both of them being available at the Knicks current spot of 17. Yet, unlike the MLB draft, you can trade picks, so they may be able to move up. If they do move up in the draft, you would have to think their priority would be Jimmer. But at what expense? The Knicks would have to give up some of there only remaining young talent (ie Landry Fields or Toney Douglouss) for a guy who will be a decent role player in the future. At this point in time, many of the NBA mock drafts depict Singleton falling to 17. If he does, the Knicks will have a very valued 17th pick. The Knicks will be getting the two time defending ACC defensive player of the year, to improve their horrific defense. However, the situation also coul be that both are drafted and gone before 17, in which case the Knicks should be smart. Although the Knick fans may boo, they should not draft for the sake of drafting. If you read Alan Hahn’s work in Newsday, you will come to understand how it may be a better financial investment to trade this years pick for a pick in next years draft, in which the talent is deeper. At that point too, the CBA will be all cleared up, and the Knicks and the rest of the NBA will have a clear understanding of what they are working with. For now all we can do is watch and wait. Although this years draft does not have a LeBron in it, or a Shaquille O’Neal, thats what makes it most interesting! Noone knows what is going to happen John, lets just hope Isiah Thomas isn’t involved…

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