No NY, No NY, NO! Knicks select Shumpert

Spike Lee and the rest of the Knick fans who made the trip to the Prudential Center will leave (if they haven’t already) unhappy. Not only did the Knick’s not trade up in the draft to select BYU Guard Jimmer Ferdette or UConn’s Guard Kemba Walker, but they also did not make the obvious pick by selecting PF 6’11 Chris Singleton out of Florida State, when they had the opportunity at 17. Instead the Knick’s selected Iman Shumpert out of Georgia Tech, who was not in attendance, because he was not expected to be drafted in the first round.

I understand the Knick’s want to improve their defense, but they made the wrong defensive pick. Shumpert can defend, but at guard, he will not fix the gaping hole the Knick’s create when they force Amare Stoudemire to guard Centers he can not handle.

There are two reasons I could fathom for this pick. 1) the Knicks have no faith in Chauncey Billups knees to hold up… 2) it stems from him having the same agent as Amar’e Stoudemire.

It was interesting to see the difference between the post pick reactions of Amar’e and that of Carmelo Anthony. Amar’e had a very positive one, welcoming him to the team, and pledging he is ready to make the Knicks a better team. He referred to Shumpert as a “Gr8 pick.”

Yet Carmelo Anthony’s tweet came off as though he was very frustrated saying, “Goodnight. I’m out.” Carmelo, possibly showing his colors… and they don’t seem to be Blue and Orange.


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