Nnamdi Asomugha signs with Eagles

As Adam Schefter reported, the former Oakland Raider CB Nnamdi Asomugha has signed with the Philadelphia Eagles. Just months after LHP Free agent Cliff Lee duped the world, once again an impact player has chosen the city of brotherly love over the big apple. The comparison is eerily similar. In both cases Texas/Dallas and New York seemed to be the only two teams left in the hunt, and then Philadelphia, in this case the eagles, swoop in for the kill.

Jet fans are sure to be disappointed, Revis Island will not be extended into a green and white archipelago, yet the Jets may be better off in the long and short run.

Short term: the Jets will be able to invest the 12 million a year Asomugha would have received from the Jets and allocate it instead to obtaining second option Antonio Cromartie, as well as pursue other players. Cromartie will likely earn around 7 million, so they Jets can use the remaining 5 to obtain a pass rusher or put it towards resigning WR Braylon Edwards.

Long term: They may be happy they did not give five years to Asomugha as the 25 million dollars guaranteed could be seen as dead weight come 2015.


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