The Mets fan syndrome

 The Mets have won 7 of their last 10 games and have climbed to just 6.5 games out of the National League Wildcard.

As a fan of the team, I struggle with the same issue year by year, I get too emotionally involved. Maybe it’s the Mets aura, they are treated with no respect. They are a second class team in a first class market. But they entice me to care, even when they are not relevant.

Now, they are on the outskirts of contention. They trail the Braves by 6.5 games in the Wild Card, a fairly large margin, as the Braves are playing well, and oh yeah, the D-backs, Pirates and Cards are in the mix too.

I try not to give my hopes up, knowing they will blow it, “same old Mets.” I am involved though, the team that survived without David Wright, and filled with players who should be calling Buffalo home for the remainder of their career, is actually in the mix.

If they take most series and mix in some sweeps along the way, the Mets will be playing meaningful September baseball.That’s not to say they will make the playoffs, that will be very tough to do. As Mark Simon of ESPN New York tweeted yesterday, “If the Mets go 40-18 the rest of the way, they’d need the Braves to go no better than 31-26 to beat them…and thats w/o factoring in others.” That will be tough, but hopefully they will at least be competative and fun to watch.

Sandy Alderson traded Carlos Beltran for a product in Zack Wheeler, whom is a good two years away from being ready. The same goes for Matt Harvey the Mets other top pitching prospect. Alderson is working under a 3-4 year plan of relevancy. Until then, the Mets are just playing with house money. As they say in Vegas, “let it ride!”


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