NBA Lockout Freakout

My friend Brian B. aka the Rapper, wrote on his blog, that he believed the NBA lockout will extend throughout the entire 2011-2012 season.

Yet, I have been talking to several NBA reporters who do NOT see that happening. GOOD! As I wrote earlier, last season was too good for us to be deprived of pro basketball for a full season.

Instead, most insiders believe that about a quarter of the NBA season will be lost. It seems hard to believe now, because David Stern and Billy Hunter are talking tough, but an NBA agreement will be reached before too much of the season is lost.

NBA fans need to relax! Watch football. If you’re a Met fan watch Reyes closely, if you blink you may have seen him play for the last time. Yankee fans enjoy your path to the pennant, and fight for #28. If you feel basketball deprived watch some college basketball in November, just make sure you are there at the renovated Garden in December for a season to remember.


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