Jim Duquette Interview

Jim Duquette former Mets GM, and current baseball analyst at Sirius XM Radio and MLB.com joined me to talk about Bobby V, the Winter Meetings, his cousin Dan, the role of analytics in baseball, Jose Reyes, and more. Follow Jim on twitter @Jim_Duquette.

Pete Barrett, NYSC: Should Mets fans be confidant that Sandy Alderson and Co. can bring the Mets to success? 
Jim Duquette: I think you can be. You look at the way he has conducted business so far, it may not be as fast, or delving into the free agent market as quickly as fans would like, but he is doing it the right way. He is doing it pragmatically, and he has a high degree of success, he has got a track record. He has a terrific front office that he brought over there. I think it is a matter of time. It takes time to get organizations going in the right direction, and certainly he of all the people out here, Sandy is really one of the top executives in the game. 
Pete Barrett, NYSC: The winter meetings are just around the corner, can you take us behind the scenes, what really goes on?
Jim Duquette: I will tell you a big part of it: you are looking at signing free agents and doing deals, but basically what you do is you pick up your office, wherever you are located, and you plop down into the city, this year it’s in Dallas. You go through the things you do during the course of the day, but it’s just on the road. You invite more of  your personal there, so you are all there together. You can get a lot accomplished. You do a lot of ranking of players, a lot of baseball conversation, a lot of information gathering and you are hoping that when you are put into that enviornment that there is a deal that makes sense for you. A lot of times that I went to the winter meetings, I didn’t do a deal at all, and there were times when it felt like everything fell into place and you would announce 2 to 3 different things at once. It’s a lot of hours, a lot of long hours, you are kind of held off in a hotel room. It’s not that glamorous, although it seems so on the outside. 
Pete Barrett, NYSC: How do you like the Mets chances of bringing Reyes back?
Jim Duquette: I am still hopeful that he will stay a Met. I think that is where he should be, and deserves to be. I am biased because I brought him up. I gave him the first opportunity at the Major League level. I remember him as a 16 year old kid, when we first signed him. I can’t imagine him outside of a Mets uniform. I am hoping that they will be able to keep him. I know it is tough to keep a guy like that from a financial standpoint. There becomes a breaking point, and I am not sure where that stands. Listen, wherever he goes he will be a great addition to the ball club, but I would hate to see him in another uniform. I consider him a Met, and I hope he stays one. 

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