Howie Schwab Interview

Today I talked with Howie Schwab, the man who was made famous as the sports nut on the ESPN trivia show “Stump the Schwab.” We talk about his 24 year career at ESPN, the show, his memory habits, and more.

 A quick excerpt….

Pete Barrett

A lot of game shows come off as cheesy, Stump The Schwab didn’t, what makes a sports game show work?

Howie Schwab

Well that’s an interesting question. I think the people behind the scenes really made it work. They were very creative. Tiffany Trigg our executive producer and the writers and the researchers I think they really did a great job trying to make it interesting, make it different. I think that the format was really good. It was a lot of fun. I thought it was fun for fans to watch, I thought it was fun for the competitors, and it was certainly fun for me, I enjoyed it. I thought it worked because it was different. A lot of aspects of it were different, the competitors were really good. Especially the last year. As the show evolved I felt that people got better and better and made it a lot tougher on me.

Pete Barrett

What I thought was so cool about the show was that you were so different. How close is the personality you exhibited on the show to your actual self?

Howie Schwab

I am a very competitive person, so when in competition mode, I am very competitive, and I am sometimes tough on myself. There were a couple of times I got frustrated, but for the most part I stayed calm and just tried to have fun with it. When I was first told they were going to do the show (besides saying are you bleeping kidding me?) I said, hey if I win I win, and if I lose I lose, I am just not going to put pressure on myself. The very first week we were going to do the show, I brought down all these guides and sports almanacs that I wanted to read through and then after twenty minutes I said, “What am I doing? Why am I doing this? If I know it, I know it, if I don’t, I don’t. We’ll have fun with it and see how it goes.”


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