Jets Press Conference Notes

The Jets hosted a long 30 min press conference today, in which Head Coach Rex Ryan and GM Mike Tannenbaum spoke about a number of issues.

On Offensive Coordinator Brian Schottenheimer:

  • Tannenbaum both says Schottenheimer will be back with Jets, and confirms he is interviewing for Jaguars head coaching job
  • Rex believes it is a 50-50 deal whether Schotty returns because he believes he will be a head coach. 
  • “He has everything to be successful as a head coach in this league, it starts with a pedigree, but more importantly [he] has been successful. He knows how to develop players, and we went to two back to back AFC championship games and a lot of that is due to his work ethic which is tremendous,” Ryan said. 

On Santonio Holmes:

  • Rex believes you can not dismiss all Santonio has done for the franchise in terms of winning games over the past two years. 
  • Rex says he has been a good teammate. Helped out Joe McKnight. He cheers for defense. 
  • Rex says things needed to be corrected are not just with him, everyone deserves blame. 
  • “We gotta change some things, and we will change. These are some things we will look at in the offseason,” Ryan said. 
  • “I believe Santonio will be back next year,” Ryan said. 
  • Although oblivious to the situation while it went on, Ryan believes Schottenheimer handled Santonio situation well.
  • “I feel really good about him being here. He has done a lot of good things for us, obviously there were some bumps in the road. If you look at his body of work, I am really glad he is here. Santonio Holmes can make 1 or 2 plays that can change a game…he is a true game breaker,” Tannenbaum said. 
  • Tannenbaum believes it is up to him and Rex to make sure it works. 
On Captains:
  • “This is something  I think I made a huge mistake in. Not just by naming Santonio a captain but all the captain things. Its not something I truly believed in. But I put that thing on there. Its not a reflection on anybody in particular, but we aren’t going to have those anymore,” Ryan said. ” The way we built the team, is we built a team, and I think [Captains] pull away from the team a little bit. It may work for other franchises but it doesn’t work for me. I was uncomfortable when I made the decision, and obviously it was a mistake.”
  • “I sent the wrong message. I don’t think I spent enough time looking at it the way that I should have. Quite honestly I am always about the team. I think it pulls away from the guys who don’t have the ‘C’ on the jersey. I want 53 guys committed equally,” Ryan said. 
On Team & Chemistry:
  • Rex said Woody and Tannenbaum provided all the necessary players
  • Rex believes Jets have all the talent
  • “For some reason we weren’t as close as we were the last two years,” Rex said. 
  • “We have to work better and harder to put a better field on the team next year,” Tannenbaum said. 
  • “Normally I am a guy who has the pulse of his team. I don’t know if I did that as well as I have in the past,” Ryan said. 
On His Coaching style:
  • I am always going to be myself. That is the only way I can be successful. I may be a little harder on guys than you think…I have had no problem benching guys…I think I am a little sterner than the perception is,” Ryan said. 
  • “It is my job as the coach to get this team to play at a certain level,” Ryan said. 
On Mark Sanchez:
  • “I think his body of work speaks for itself. I think it is more good than bad, and its far from perfect. He has to be more consistent. I feel good about his level of commitment, how hard he works, he plays banged up… I have only seen his commitment and professionalism grow over the 3 years. You can’t ignore the fact that he has won four road playoff games,” Tannenbaum said. 
  • “His characteristics are any GM’s dream. The guy really wants to be good. He has the talent to make all the throws. And I think he would be the first one to tell you that he needs to get better,” Tannenbaum said. 
  • “We’ll look at the QB position as a whole, but as far as the starter goes, it is Mark,” Tannenbaum said. 
On Future:
  • “You want to win for today and develop for tomorrow,” Tannenbaum said. 
  • Tannenbaum believes lack of depth is due to salary cap.
  • “We have a lot of guys who may not be household names, but they are getting better,” Tannenbaum said. 

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