Knicks Start Important Stretch Tonight in Toronto

The Knicks next 5 games are against teams who finished under .500 last season, and they should dominate all of them like they did Sacramento if they are as good a team as they say they are. Good teams  play well when they face the Boston Celtics, and Miami Heat, but fail to bring the same intensity against lesser opponents. Great teams bring it every night.

The Knicks set out with a goal of a championship, and although his prediction may not have been as loud as Rex Ryan’s , Knicks Coach Mike D’Antoni should feel more pressure. Ryan, whose season ended yesterday in Miami, led the Jets to back to back AFC championship games. D’Antoni has made the playoffs once, and hasn’t won a game. Ryan gets a pass for his 8-8 season because of his previous accomplishments, D’Antoni is out of passes, and New York won’t issue him any more.

D’Antoni experienced success in Phoenix. Just like Rex however, he fell just short of the NBA finals in the 2004-2005 and 2005-2006 seasons, losing in the Conference Finals. D’Antoni was brought to NY under trying times. The Knicks were abysmal in his first two years, so he gets a pass for their record of 61-103. Then last year, although the Knicks with much improved talent were only 2 games over .500 and lost in the first round with taking a game, D’Antoni gets his final pass because his roster was juggled half way through the season.

Now, there are no excuses. The Knicks don’t have a PG, but no team can be perfect (besides the 1970 Knicks.) They do have a solid core of Tyson Chandler, A’mare Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony, the highest paid best front court in all of basketball. D’Antoni needs to win now, or his time in NY will be done. Hey – does anyone know what Phil Jackson is doing these days?


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