The Knicks won last night, and are winning tonight at half, but we Knicks fans need to realize just how delusional we are.

I am not sure why, but Knicks fans, including me to this point, seemed to have forgotten the hope we had going into the summer of 2010. The reality of the situation is that going into that summer none of the Knicks “big 3” were on any of our wish lists.

Us Knick fans were obsessed with the possibility of superstar LeBron James bringing his talent to NYC. There is the notion that Carmelo Anthony is also a superstar. He isn’t…neither is A’mare or Chandler. Anthony and Stoudemire are just one level below LeBron, while Chandler posses just basic skills a big, strong center should have.

These Knicks have the potential to be good, the fact they don’t have superstars may not be a bad thing. But they need to realize who they are. Just as Mark Sanchez shouldn’t throw the ball 59 times, Carmelo Anthony shouldn’t shoot 35. The Jets lacked an identity, and so do these Knicks. They better figure it out, or it’s going to be a long season for an unemployed Mike D’antoni, and there will be a lot more talk about how team chemistry is more important than talent.


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