Larkin In, Now It Gets Fun

The BBWAA voted strongly for Barry Larkin, who received 86% of the 75% needed to be enshrined forever in the National Baseball Hall of Fame. For all baseball fans, we have to hope they will vote just as strongly in 2013.

Next years ballot will test the voters like never before. Steroid users Rafael Palmiero and Mark McGwire have been on the ballot, and were easy to dismiss because their careers were presumably built on steroids. However, next year presents a new case, with both Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds, two players who likely would have been HOF’ers even without  juice. The writers will face a moral dilemma. Some believe they have the obligation to keep the HOF pure, but to continue to ignore the impact these guys had on the game of baseball would be duplicating the same ignorance that allowed the steroid era culture to flourish.

The writers need to send a message that they won’t be as ignorant this time around. I hope they don’t ignore the impact that players like Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens had on the game of baseball, because they think they are keeping the HOF pure. No matter how great a writer they are, or how much service they have given to the BBWAA, they do not deserve to keep two of the best players EVER out of the HOF.


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