These Mets Are Awful Easy To Root For

Think back to 2006; the last time that the Mets were contenders, the team was full of proven all-stars and they were all around a fun team to watch.  You had the two Carlos’; established veterans solidifying the middle of the line-up, Wright and Reyes; the young guns manning the left side of the infield and a pitching staff that when right could make any lineup look foolish.

While that team was undoubtedly full of talent, there was something missing: the ability to relate.  What I mean is, Twitter wasn’t around, you couldn’t follow your favorite players every move.

This brings me to my point: these 2012 Mets seem like normal people, almost as if they’re your friends.  The most recent example is their trip to Houston where the whole team decided to get into the southern spirit and don in a word—interesting—cowboy outfits, complete with shirts, jeans, hats and cowboy boots. 

The Mets looked absolutely ridiculous but the message was clear; they are a family and they love to entertain.  Because the vast majority of this Mets team is home-grown they have a sense of camaraderie that other teams do not.  These guys played in the farm system together, and while virtually every MLB player has dealt with the emotional and physical roller-coaster that is Minor League Baseball, these guys can relate because they went through it together.

Sure Dickey and Santana are older guys who came over from other teams and Wright, who did go through the Mets farm system, is almost a decade into his Mets career, but these three men have meshed flawlessly with the proverbial kids of the team and have created such a sense of family that you can’t help but want them to succeed.

These men not only have a genuine, visible, love for the game but they also display something most professional teams couldn’t imagine, and that is the lack of egos.  It’s hard to think of a better teammate than ole 28, who anytime somebody does something remotely positive is up on the top step of the dugout yelling and clapping.  But it’s not just Murphy, they all love when the others succeed and that is what sets this team apart from teams of the past.
So whether they dress up like cowboys, wear their Darth Dickey/Duda Abides shirts or are just jumping around and throwing shaving cream pies on each other this team is as fun as it gets.  They may not be the most talented team in the MLB but given time, if they stay together, they have the potential to do something really special—not only for themselves, but for the fans.

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