Linsanity Editon of The Pete Barrett Podcast


2 thoughts on “Linsanity Editon of The Pete Barrett Podcast

  1. Hey Pete,Nice podcast you got going, but I think I disagree with your Lin perspective; or maybe it's better to say that while your analysis of Knicks management might be correct, their analysis of their assets is flawed. Given, I am no sports junkie, but I see some parallels between the Knicks and the Celtics in Rondo's first years. I don't think that the big three for the Celtics could have done what they did without a dynamic point guard like Rajon Rondo. He was relatively unproven, and at times undisciplined, but he created chaos for other teams, which opened the court for Allen, Pierce and Garnett. As good as those three were, they would not have been successful in a system in which they simply employed a guard to give it to the stars and left them to beat their matchups one-on-one. In my very non-expert analysis, the Big Dogs on the Knicks will not outperform their counterparts consistently enough, or by a wide enough margin, to contend for a championship. Whether it's Lin or someone else, The Knicks will need more at the guard position to be contenders next season.A final point on Lin. I believe that he is proven, based on what we saw, despite his limited time. However you might explain away or speculate about his shooting numbers, we saw great instincts and an understanding of the game, neither of which are as elastic as PPG. I think this will be yet another instance of the Knicks snatching mediocrity out of the hands of greatness. But hey, that's why they play. Interested to hear your thoughts.

  2. Hey Perrin630,Thanks so much for listening to the podcast! I encourage you to leave a voicemail at 914-341-2751 with these thoughts so I can integrate your well crafted opinion into the show. I think your point about the Knicks Big Dogs not being able to outplay their competition by a wide margin is valid. I am not sure if they can. But, I don't think the Knicks are like the Celtics. Yes, they too had three pieces, but the Celtics stars fit together. These Knicks don't. I don't think adding someone who will further dominate the ball fits this team. I think that's what Lin would do. Your point that Lin contributed far beyond PPG is a really good one, and for the most part, he was efficient in his shooting. That is something I will explore in my next podcast, thanks for the idea! I look forward to your voicemail, and hope you will continue to listen to the podcast, and interact!Thanks, Pete

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