Wright looking for a winner, bad news for Mets

By Pete Barrett, NY Sports Cookie

Executive Editor

The Mets have a club option that they will inevitably pick up on 3B David Wright this offseason. After they do so, they have two more options: sign him long term or trade him away.

If Wright truly wants to finish his career as a Met, than they should be able to work out a deal. Most people think the biggest concern will be ownership boning up the seven years, or $100 plus million to sign him, but that may not be the biggest obstacle.

Wright has said that he isn’t looking to find the most money he could get on the open market, but instead a place where he thinks he can win. That might bode worse for the Mets than even their finances.

The Mets have a lot of mediocre talent, some bad contracts, and a weak farm system (albeit promising pitching.) GM Sandy Alderson thinks the Mets will need to bring players in via trade, but the Mets don’t have the pieces. Unless, they give up on their young pitching, which isn’t realistic as of now.

Wright could look at this team, and see a role for himself as a Cliff Floyd, a mentor to the younger players, teaching them how to play the game the W-right way. But, he isn’t 35 yet, he isn’t even 30. He has a lot of baseball to play, and likely wants to get back to the playoffs – something he has experienced only once in his tenure with the Mets.

Wright should consider his legacy, and how much he means to the New York fan base. Also, how many endorsements he can do off the field in a market like New York. But at the end of the day, Wright will have to live with himself. If he stays with the Mets, he may be choosing a career without a ring. 


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